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Paneurope Hungary

Hungary – Central Europe – European Union

Regaining of Europe: Challenges and Dangers

We, the members of the Hungarian Paneuropean Union cordially decide to make the following statement in the frame of the International Paneuropean Conference taking place at Vác, September 9-11, 2016.


1. In the wake of the perceptible globalization in Europe, due to the concentration of capital there are less and less citizens, who partake of the profit of production. The growing gap between incomes is favourable for unproductive financial speculation, while weakens social market economy. This phenomenon hinders not only the catching up of newer member states, but also hampers the elimination of poverty. Globalization – on the basis of human rights – must be associated with solidarity.

2. Overemphasizing individual rights overshadows social consciousness and responsibility. This course endangers the basis of our civilization founded on social cooperation.

3. The moral relativism and the ignorance of the millennial deep Judeo-Christian roots endanger European culture.

4. The leadership of the EU should not disregard, that the common responsibility of the United Europe is based on subsidiarity including the nation states, which keep their sovereignity, in all matters that are not better solved on the level of the Union. The lack of political will to reach consensus is manifested in the migration policy, the uncontrolled flow of migrants, and the intention to impose the quota system.

5. The EU enlargement process has slowed down, while Great Britain, one of the strongest member states decided to exit the Union.


1. The European market must be regulated properly. There is a need for an appropriate tax system based on incomes, enabling the enhanced support of families with children as well as small and medium enterprises.

2. In favour of the common European future, the priority of social interest and sense of community has to be accepted, that does not weaken the rights of the individual.

3. It is high time to return to the intellectual basis of Europe and the Christian moral. The national and Christian identity can easily be harmonised, as for these do not compete, but rather strengthen each other. Degradation of member nation states on ideological basis, and the obstruction of their legally and morally sovereign decisions should be avoided.

4. Delay of acts promotes extremist parties and movements. For this end, it is necessary to create a new European treaty that regulates unambiguous and efficient decision making process.

5. The Conference at Vác, in Hungary is committed to the acceleration of the enlargement process of the European Union, therefore supports the swift admission of the candidate countries in South East Europe, which have made big steps towards integration.

Vác - Hungary, 10 September, 2016






Regaining of Europe: Challenges and Dangers

International Paneuropean Conference

Vác-Hungary, 9-11 September, 2016

Dear Paneuropean Friends,


It is our pleasure and honour to invite you to the Paneuropean International Conference at Vác in Hungary: Regaining of Europe: Challenges and Dangers that will be held at Vác on September 9 - 11, 2016 at Imre Madách Cultural Center, 2600 Vác, Dr. Csányi László krt. 63. We expect a great number of respectable guests and speakers. Official languages, apart from Hungarian, will include English and German, with simultaneous interpretation.

Registration is continuous, and lasts until vacant positions are available. Registration is complete when the applicant receives the confirmation email from the organizers. Participation fee is 20 € for everybody. Delegates from Central- and Eastern-European post-communist countries may benefit free admittance.

We are always available to you for any additional information. On demand, the organizers will send you the preliminary programme. In the hope that you will take part in our Conference, which carries a great significance for our Continent, we send you our cordial greetings.


Dr. Gábor Andrássy Ph.D.

Dr. Anna Grünwald

Zoltán W.-Nemessuri


vice-president, member of presidency of IPU



Address: Magyar Páneurópa Unió Egyesület, 1126 Budapest, Szoboszlai u. 2-4

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