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Speech of Dr. Gábor Andrássy, PEU-H president in Zagreb, 2016. october 22.


Dear President Barisic, Dear Professor Jezic, Dear President Terrenoire!


Dear Croatian Friends, thank you for the invitation!


Our delegation is bringing you the salutations of Paneurope Hungary and we assure you about our highest appreciation, that Paneurope Croatia has undertaken the tough task to organise an International Paneuropean Conference every year. We are aware, that as sponsoring shrinks, budget becomes restricted, and the job of bringing a conference together is getting harder and harder.


Please accept our congratulations to accomplish the mission again!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!


We are coming from a country that had to fight continuously for its freedom all through its existence, especially during the last 500 years. We have to remember on 1956, just 60 years ago, on October 23, Hungary rose up against bolshevist totalitarism, against the Soviet Union. After the Soviet invasion, tthousands died fighting, others were tortured and executed, while 200,000 were forced to flee.

However, though it happened ages ago, we have to all remember, together with our Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and other South-Eastern European brothers, that we suffered several centuries under the Ottoman occupation. The border between the Christian and Islamic word was moving dynamically, and we remember, that Vienna was under siege as well! Three weeks ago, we had a referendum in Hungary on migration quotes. Over 98% of the participants voted on preserving the right of the Hungarian Parliament to decide on immigration policy to Hungary. Hungarians have experiences from the past that were reflected by the results of the referendum.

We are members of the Paneuropean Movement by means of our registration to our national Paneuropean Organizations. Paneuropean Movement was founded almost one hundred years ago, primarily to promote peace in Europe by bringing European nations closer to each other. Christianity was postulated as the philosophy of this togetherness, as the general platform, in other words, as the smallest multiplier for European Nations.

We have to be aware, that Europe has no definite geographical borders, especially towards the South-East. However, at school, we learned that towards East the Ural Mountains, towards south the Mediterranean Sea, the Bosporus, the Black-Sea and probably Caucasus and the Caspian Sea serve as natural borders of our continent. But, what about the several thousand kilometres between Caspian Sea and Ural? In this enormous distance there are no natural borders, but there is of course Russia, and there are countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kirgizstan. And further on, towards the south, there are Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran e.t.c. The plausible answer is, that the borders of Europe are, where the distribution of Christianity spreads.

But frankly, we have to ask ourselves about the borders of Europe. First of all, is it important to define any border for Europe? Furthermore, in the globalist XXI century, isn't it merely preoccupation to deal with any borders? Isn't it an atavistic idea to restrict the free migration of people? Furthermore, what about the free transfer of goods and capital throughout the world?

So that, the ultimate question that still we face is: should we control anything at all? And if the answer is yes, the successive question that emerges is: control in the name of whom? In the name of the people? In the name of habits or conventions? In the name of business? In the name of God? In the name of Jesus or Allah?

Who knows the answer?

We have just come to the fundamental distinction in contemporary ideology: revolution versus organic development, liberalism versus conservatism. Totalitarism versus democracy!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

People of Europe live here for more than one thousand years, having successfully protected their identity on the basis of Christian morality, later on, by incorporating the respect on individual human rights, the mutual honour of each other, the freedom of thoughts and acts. Paneuropean Movement fights for the European Confederation: the Europe of Nations. European Federation might be a more distant objective, but clearly, it is several steps further. Anyhow, we cannot agree in dissolving our values in an unpredictable utopistic future that Brussels tries to push through.

Dear Mr. Juncker, Dear Mr. Schultz, Dear Frau Merkel and others! The European citizens kindly ask you to stop challenging our several thousand years Judeo-Greco-Roman-Christian culture. Let's be more humble, we should all be aware of our insignificance. Leaders in the European Union, in the democracy, should represent the interest and will of the European people that include peace, freedom, public order, and economical and social safety.

Messy ideologies, such as anarcho-liberal, materialist "carpe-diem" approaches cannot serve our future, instead, concentrated efforts should be exerted to preserve the values that have been built up. Paneurope Hungary has postulated a ten points declaration on migration more than one year ago; also, a five points statement on basic European Problems and possible solutions was elaborated during the International Paneuropean Conference at Vác in Hungary last months. These proclamations can be accessed on our website. Paneurope Hungary would welcome an open discussion about the points within the frame of Paneuropa Movement.

Furthermore, in our opinion, the Movement should position or reposition itself in fundamental contemporary political questions, as well as reinforce itself about ideological heritage of Paneuropa. These actions should be organized by the International Board; and would certainly serve the strengthening of our basics.

Dear Friends, Dear Paneurope Croatia!

Thank you for continuing the democratic way of conference program set up, that allows all participating delegations to have a speaker that represents the opinion of the member organisation. International Paneuropean Conferences are particularly important in these hard times, and should serve as a platform for "Paneuropean brainstorms".  It is a pleasure for us to have been invited, to be in the beautiful Zagreb together with our Paneuropean Friends!

The Hungarian Paneuropean delegation wishes everybody a successful conference! Thank you for your attention!


Zagreb, 22. October, 2016.

Gábor Andrássy, M.D., Ph.D.

President, Paneurope Hungary


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